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The Largest Global Internal Audit Survey is Opening 2 February

The IIA’s most ambitious research on the global status of the internal audit profession kicks off on 2 February when the Global Internal Audit Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) Practitioner Study opens.

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COSO in the cyber age

COSO report offers guidance on using frameworks to assess cyber risks.

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5 Things the Audit Committee Won't Tell Internal Audit

CAEs work hard to develop an open relationship with their audit committee. Even so, there are certain topics audit committees may be reluctant to discuss with the audit executive.

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When Internal Auditors Dissent: The Value of Pushing Back

Read Richard Chambers' Latest Blog where he shares his personal reflections and insights on the internal audit profession.

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Looking in the mirror

From time to time we are challenged by those we meet not just to explain what internal audit is and what it does, but also what value internal audit provides to the organization. Of course we should have a reflex response to this last question but if we don't then instead of re-inventing the wheel we could consider learning by heart the definition to "add value" in the glossary to our professional standards; "The internal audit activity adds value to the organization (and its stakeholders) when it provides objective and relevant assurance, and contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of governance, risk management and control processes." But sometimes I wonder whether we ever look at ourselves in the mirror?

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